Food Services

Food Service management is organised by an external company EuroAdria d.o.o., independent from AISZ.
For any questions please email to:

To order lunch please use Catering Kvatric ordering application CKorderMe, at Login credentials have been emailed to parents, for any issues please contact

Lunch should be ordered in advance until Friday evening for the following week. 

If the student is not attending school due illness or any other reason and lunch has been ordered for that day, please cancel the lunch through the application by 8 a.m. to avoid unnecessary charges.

At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice by email with full consumption during the month. Payment is also possible daily in cash at the cafeteria. Prepayment is not needed.



Dear parents,

After four year of service for the AISZ, Catering Gableraj finished with services on June 2021. 
Money left on the card will not be transferred to the new provider. For any inquiries please contact as soon as possible and provide them with your bank account.

From August 2021, we are happy to introduce a new catering provider Euroadria d.o.o. (Catering Kvatric). 

We are proud to announce that they are working on a special app that will give you the possibility:

  • to order your child meals
  • to track your costs
  • to track meals your child had
  • to order your meals for home, take out for the whole family
Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4 MENU (Main course, side dish, dessert) 20,00 kn
Grade 5 to Grade 12 & Staff MENU (Main course, side dish, dessert) 30,00 kn
Daily dessert 5,00 kn
Composed salad + bread 27,00 kn

Euroadria is a company with 20 years old tradition in catering and restaurant business, with 160 employees, big logistic and transport park (1600 square meters and 60 transport vehicles), and capacity for making 20 000 meals per day. As well, we provide food for seven cantinas of well-known international companies (Coca Cola Hrvatska, A1, Medika, C6, Dukat, law firm Hanžeković and partners, Croatia osiguranje), meals for international and domestic kindergartens and hospitals (PPG, DISZ, EFIZ, PKG, Kindergarten Cigra, Kindergarten Košnica, Poliklinika Svjetlost, Avitum poliklinika, Medical Chamber) that makes us established working with international companies, as well with sensitive groups of people like kids, elder people or people with special needs.

  • Above catering business and food production, we are also established as an event organizer due to our team of experts that work in unison and are tuned with our mission and company values. Our expertise and standards are confirmed with the food certificates we have, and our professionalism by successful business we had with many partners that worked with us. Let's just highlight some of them: Inauguration of President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Presidency of the Europe Council in Zagreb, working for many Embassies, A1, HEP, Erste Bank, Rimac Automobili, etc. We have our own production, so our štrukli, gnocchi, pasta, and croquettes are hand-made, and we use as many local and domestic food suppliers as we can. We understand the importance of well-combined food so we take care of nutrition diversity in each meal.

As an AISZ partner, we also give you some special benefits for your private needs. So you get some special discounts on:

  • 20 % discount on our catering services, orders from our pastry shop, for the organization of private events, weddings, religious events, business events, theme parties
  • 30 % discount renting of equipment and staff

For more information, contact us:

EUROADRIA (pdf, 1.12 MB)