Learning to Learn

It is a place where our traditional subjects are artfully taught, and our artistic and physical disciplines envelope academically challenging insights.

How do we teach?

AISZ delivers a PK-12 curriculum driven by inquiry and sustained by critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Problem-solving in authentic situations and interdisciplinary transfer of concepts and skills are priorities as teachers design learning experiences. Children learn how to ask questions, explore big ideas, think critically about what they have learned, and consolidate understanding. 

The curriculum is designed to ensure that learners meet learning standards and grade level benchmarks. Students needing support in learning English as an additional language, academic support, and extension are provided for through our student support services.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified educators, representing 9 nationalities with experience ranging from 2 to over 30 years, bringing with them contemporary knowledge and pedagogical insights from international and local schools. By offering a well rounded US influenced international curriculum we provide our students with opportunities to develop their passions, inquire into areas of interest for them, to ask deep and meaningful questions and strive to find solutions to them.

Student Support Services

We believe that a quality educational program provides challenges for all students and support for students with special learning needs. To that end, Learning Support is designed to increase the academic and emotional success of all students.