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It is a place where our traditional subjects are artfully taught, and our artistic and physical disciplines envelope academically challenging insights.









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Academic Program

AISZ offers American and International Baccalaureate Programs:

Course of Studies


English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, ELL Support, Science, Physical Education, Music, Art, World Languages (1-5)(French, German), Native Croatian Language (1-5), Croatian Culture, Computer and Information Technology (integrated), Library.


English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, ELL Support, Science, Physical Education and Wellness, Music, Art, World Languages (French, German), Native Croatian Language, Croatian Culture, Computer and Information Technology (integrated), Speech and Debate, Study Skills.


English Language, Math, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education and Wellness, Music, Art, World Languages (French, German), Native Croatian Language, Computer and Information Technology (integrated), Speech and Debate, Desktop Publishing.

IB DIPLOMA (11-12)

Language A (HL/SL): English, Croatian; Language B (HL/SL): English, French, German; Spanish Ab Initio, History (SL); European History (HL); Psychology (SL/HL); Biology (SL/HL), Chemistry (SL/HL); Mathematics (HL/SL), Math Studies (SL); Visual Arts (SL), Theory of Knowledge and CAS.


Student Support Service

AISZ provides academic, counseling, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) support to meet the needs of students. The AISZ Student Support Team (SST) coordinates an approach for assisting students to maximize progress through a collaborative partnership with students, teachers, and parents.

Safe Guarding

AISZ promotes the values of respect, integrity, compassion and responsibility and seeks to “foster wellness”. The AISZ Child Safeguarding Policy seeks to protect the student, the family and the AISZ community. It ensures that the right to protection and access to confidential support systems is available to all students.

Athletics and Activities

AISZ is a member of the Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA). CEESA Activities & Athletics operates as an extension of the CEESA schools and organizes a numer of sporting, academic and cultural events at the middle and high school levels. The sports and activities facilitate the development of each student through academic, athletic, and artistic/cultural endeavors. At every activity or competition, CEESA Sports and Activities attempts to maximize the cultural, social and intercultural opportunities available at the host venue.

Food Services

Gableraj catering service is operating our cafeteria and is preparing fresh homemade meals using fresh ingredients from domestic farms for the staff of the school as well as for the children. Healthy and tasty lunch for students consists of soup, main meal, salad and dessert. 

7:30am-4:00pm | Monday-Friday

School Menu

School Campus

The American International School of Zagreb Campus is conveniently located within the Središće area opposite Bundek Lake in City of Zagreb.

AISZ has a beautiful 30,000m school campus. Highlights include:

  • Recognized and awarded A+ energy rated building with one of the highest energy efficiencies in Europe
  • Zero CO2 emissions 
  • School building generates power back to the Zagreb electrical grid
  • State-of-the-art indoor air filtration system 
  • 2 well-resourced libraries
  • 3 science laboratories 
  • Full-size gym
  • A fully equipped fitness room
  • Dance studio
  • Fully flexible black box theater
  • Music room with recording studio
  • 3 art rooms
  • 2 adventure playgrounds
  • 4 tennis courts, 1 football pitch, handball court
  • and a much more ....

Health and Safety

AISZ has an in-house medical officer, licensed doctor of general medicine working in a AISZ Medical Office, as well as a dedicated physical trainer for athletics.

Clinic Hours of Service

7:45am-4:15pm | during After School Activities

7:45am-3:45pm | non ASA weeks



As AISZ began to examine the new culture of learning we wanted to build as a result of our Community Summit we believe that our school like any social group of people works best when we share a small set of common principles rather than a collection of complex rules.