We look for qualified, experienced teachers from around the world who can inspire, motivate and empower learners.

Current Openings

Open Position: Maternity Leave Substitute Teacher - MS Design for Grades 6-8 and LS Visual Arts for Grades 1-5

Approximate dates: November 18, 2019 to April 20, 2020 

Performance Responsibilities:

MS Design: Teach three classes of middle school Design using an inquiry-based approach. The curriculum is focused on the design thinking process and involves hands-on as well as digital approaches to the design curriculum.

LS Visual Arts: Teach visual arts for students in Grades 1-5 using an inquiry-based approach. Students will use the creative processes and the language of art to communicate through a variety of media and techniques, understand how art has shaped and preserved history and culture, and critically analyze, derive meaning from, and evaluate artwork.

The position includes a duty rotation of seven duties over a ten-day rotation, after school meetings as required, and participation in the After School Activities program one day a week after school.

If you are interested in this position, please send your Curriculum Vitae, in English, to employment@aisz.hr

AISZ Teacher Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Education (or equivalent 4-year degree) and or teaching credential in the area of teaching. Specialty qualification for any specialist position mandatory
  • Advanced degree preferred
  • Minimum three years of experience in accredited schools preferably in an international or cross cultural context (student teaching and substituting not included)
  • Native or near-native written and spoken English
  • A belief in and experience with the positive nature of student inclusion and difference
  • Ability to create a safe, caring classroom
  • Experience and comfort integrating technology to promote learning
  • Police clearance (for the vulnerable sector)
  • In exceptional circumstances, an advanced degree, prior successful teaching record in an accredited international school and the ability to complete a recognised teaching qualification within a year part-time will be accepted as an entry level status.
  • All successful candidates will be required to complete Child Protection and Safeguarding Training

Please Submit

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package for the region - and with the new campus and direction of the school - an exciting and dynamic place to work as well as a spectacular place to live.

If you are interested in joining our dedicated team and vibrant learning community please submit:

  • Competitive compensation salary and benefits package for the region.
  • A current curriculum vita
  • A brief letter of introduction specifying strength and reason for interest in AISZ
  • The name and contacts of two referees as well as the name and contact information for your current head of school/supervisor/staff member
  • Statement of Suitability Form
  • Combine all the above documents into a single PDF document and send it to employment@aisz.hr
  • Use the following subject header in your email: AISZ, School Year - and the Position you are applying for (for example:"AISZ2018/2019 SY - Grade 4").

Contact email: employment@aisz.hr

Due to the high number of inquiries we receive every day in a variety of formats, we politely request that you follow the above application guidelines. Please do not apply to individual members of the school administration. Please kindly note that AISZ will not respond to unsolicited job applications.

A current curriculum vitae

  • A brief letter of introduction specifying strength and reason for interest in AISZ
  • The name and contacts of two referees as well as the name and contact information for your current head of school/supervisor/staff member
  • Signed Statement of Suitability Form

Contact email: employment@aisz.hr

AISZ Teaching Dispositions*

All learners, including teachers, should possess these dispositions:

Reflectiveness: being ready, willing and able to become more strategic about learning.

Meta-Learning: Being aware, and taking control of one's own learning. Having an awareness and understanding of the phenomenon of learning itself as opposed to subject knowledge.
Planning: Working out learning in advance and a strong ability to plan effectively.
DistillingThe ability to distill information in order to extract the essential meaning or most important aspects.
Revising: The ability to reconsider and alter practice or beliefs in the light of further evidence.

Reciprocity: being ready, willing and able to learn alone and with others.

Interdependence: The ability and desire to work interdependently.
Collaboration: Highly developed collaboration skills.
Empathy: A high degree of empathy and the ability to actively listen.
Imitation: The ability to recognise and imitate exemplars of practice and pick up others’ habits and values.

Resourcefulness: being ready, willing and able to learn in different ways.

Questioning: The ability and desire to inquire and seek answers.
Making Links: The capacity to recognise connections and make links to previous knowledge, concepts, practice and understandings in order to generate new ways of working.
Imagining: Being able to imagine a changed state and the multitude of hypotheses that can be generated from which to select a course of action or mentally rehearse something new.
Reasoning: Thinking rigorously and methodically.
Capitalising: The ability to make good use of resources.

Resilience: being ready, willing and able to lock on to learning.

Absorption: The ability and desire to be rapt in learning; to be absorbed in one’s own learning / work and to bring this “flow” to teaching students.
Managing Distractions: A strong capacity to manage distractions and set priorities.
Noticing: Really sensing what is out there and taking notice of what is possible
Perseverance: The ability to persevere as learning happens and recognising that learning can be hard work.

*Guy Claxton: Building Learning Power

Statement of Suitability

AISZ takes Child Safeguarding very seriously. All candidates are expected to have read AISZ’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Handbook and to submit a Statement of Suitability as part of their application documentation. Successful candidates will be required to provide Police Clearance Certificates from their home country and last place of employment, and will also be subjected to an annual criminal background / sex offender registry check by an external agency.

Please sign the Statement of Suitability Form and send it with rest of documents.