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At AISZ, every student will become an expert in his or her learning. Every student is known, advocated for and supported. Every student personalizes learning and pursues dreams. (Strategic Plan, 2018)

We have three main pillars of Learning in our Learning Ecosystem as described and defined by the Common Ground Collaborative, designed at the International School of Brussels : They are Conceptual  Learning; Competency Learning; Character Learning and these concepts support the academic program at AISZ.

We also support a number of character traits that are an important part of the middle school education and upper school program at AISZ. They are:


Being  absorbed in  one’s learning, managing distractions, being aware and noticing the world (and opportunities) around us and persevering through difficulty.


Being able to plan, revise, distill information and understanding how one learns best and influences this learning.


Being able to question, make connections, imagining a range of possible solutions, reasoning ones position effectively and making the most out of what one has.


Acting interdependently with others, collaborating successfully, having empathy and listening to others perspectives and being able to imitate expert practitioners.

Students learn through guided inquiries. Units of learning focus on gaining conceptual understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Assessment is used for learning and improving what students know, understand and can do. As much as possible, opportunities to make connections between subjects are encouraged, giving students real-world experiences in problem-solving. Students problem-solve in projects they complete individually or in small groups in many subject areas.

In the middle school, students are given three choices each year in Arts and Design. Students spend a trimester exploring a choice from each of the arts or design courses.


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