High School (Grades 9-12)

Developing Skills and Character for Futures Rich with Promise (AISZ Strategic Plan, Mission).

The AISZ High School Program is a challenging and interesting course of study. The sequence spans grades 9-12, culminating with the International Diploma Programme that begins in Grade 11. The Upper School does more than allow you to learn in steps your subject areas. The Program is based on these important ideas: integrated learning, global engagement, and intercultural understanding.

Inquiry in the High School

Students in AISZ are expected to independently use an inquiry cycle in their learning. This is an example of an inquiry cycle:


This type of learning doesn’t limit learning to subjects, like boxes that classify knowledge in separate spaces. Knowledge is learned by making connections between subjects, between people, between the concepts and the world.


The world is connected in many ways, so that what we do in our personal lives has impact on other people in other parts of the world, as well as in future times. Learning at AISZ aims to help students become active learners who develop ideas, skills, and actions towards personal values that can lead to principled action and understanding of peoples’ shared humanity.


The world is interconnected through lines of communication but also through shared experiences made easily available to us through relationships and interactions, travel, media and living and working in different countries. To be a successful member of the global community, we have to learn how others think, to be open-minded to different perspectives, and to make connections with others in our community as well as beyond the school walls. Here at AISZ, we believe that students have to take moral leadership and be compassionate in order to make a difference in the world. We learn this through different experiences including service and other learning activities.


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