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Construction 21 Sept 2017

Sept 21, 2017 - Work has started

Construction sept212017

Sept 20, 2017 - Bundek Campus FactSheet

Around Zagreb, there is rapidly growing interest in our school since the groundbreaking ceremony - especially with regard to the building project. As with anything like this, it is sometimes helpful to have some history and facts at hand so accurate and informed answers can be given to any questions you maybe asked by friends or community.
To this end, we have written a fact sheet you for you.
Designated representatives of the Board and / or Leadership Team are able to give media interviews and if people ask please direct them our way - we are only too happy to talk to them about our exciting project.



Sept 12, 2017

The building of our new campus at Bundek commenced on Tuesday 12th September at the Groundbreaking Ceremony. More than 80 people were in attendance to help us celebrate this wonderful moment in the school's history.



May, 2017

The American International School of Zagreb plans to build a new school within the Središće area opposite Bundek Lake in City of Zagreb. The new school building will accommodate 480 students in around 8667m2 and will have related sports fields and structures. The architectural design of the new school has been customized to the modern American education system where the teaching method only occasionally involves the traditional classroom with the students facing the teacher but rather children mainly learning in groups or individually in classes or multi-purpose open areas.

Towards the end of the year and over the summer, our ASIZ team completed the final formalities and signed the agreement for the Right to Build on the new land. With the agreements made in terms of financing, appointing a Project Manager and Building Supervisor we are in the process of finalizing agreements with building companies.

When this is complete and a start date for breaking ground, I which should be in the next few weeks we will announce further details and the next steps in this exciting project. 

 Location of New AISZ Campus

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