Dream Summit

Dear AISZ Community; Students, Parents and Staff

The first AISZ Community Dream Summit was held on over last weekend. Using Appreciative Inquiry as a protocol, a broad cross-section of students, parents, teachers and academic leadership discovered what gives AISZ its life force when it is working at its best; we dreamed of an "American International School of Zagreb of the Future" using not just out of the box thinking, but thinking without any boxes at all! The question for us was, If we freed ourselves and our minds, what could we perceive our school to be?

We then used these ideas to shape preliminary visions statements inspired us and what landmark headlines could be written about us 10 years from now if we truly lived our dreams and made them real.

These artifacts are displayed in the stairway of our school representing the core or "central nervous system" of our school because nearly everyone passes by these at some during the day.

All adults at the summit articulated in some way or other, their admiration of our student representatives, regardless of the grade they were in. These young ambassadors for our school spoke with passion and clarity of mind; dedication for a broader purpose to help others and pursue high standards, wellness and a balance to life.

When the students spoke, everyone listened.

Over the next few days, more information will be posted around our school, on our website and we will have follow up task-forces focused upon distilling these ideas into a working strategic plan.

Please stay tuned for updates and visit our website to follow our progress.

A huge debt of gratitude is extended Dr Fran Prolman for facilitating our learning and to the following summit participants who freely gave most of their weekend to help the development of our school.
I cannot thank you enough.

In appreciation

Paul Buckley

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