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Visiting author during Library Week: K.C. Julius

THURSDAY, April 7 

8:10  Author Session for Parents

Perseverance & Possibilities: Author’s Journey and
How it Shaped Her Character-Driven Fiction

Location: Black Box

Join us for a Parent Session with the author where K.C. Julius will talk about her long, and sometimes arduous, author journey, and what lessons she learned about perseverance and possibilities along the way.

Through Library Week, K.C. Julius will stay with us for three days, allowing many opportunities for all of our students to work with our visiting author. 

In “a previous life”, Kristan was an international educator, teaching at the International School of Belgrade, The American School in London, The Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel, and Jakarta International (now Intercultural) School. She has developed a writing curriculum and conducted countless writing workshops for students, teachers, and the wider school community.

Beyond the Green Door (published under Kristan Julius,) is a YA fantasy set in Hutanya, a world in which water has become a precious commodity. A revised edition is scheduled for re-release under a new title, Beyond to Hutanya, in July 2022.

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