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2021 AISZ DP Visual Arts Exhibition at MSU Zagreb / April 7-25

For exams and end of the year assessments for each subject including Visual Arts, our young artists were required to curate an exhibition of the work they have been developing over the past two years. It is a monumental task (worth 40% of their final score), and yet perhaps the most wonderful way to celebrate the end of their high school years. There is tangible closure, as they are able to present their journey to friends and family, and reflect on their learning and achievements by seeing their work on a gallery wall or pedestal.

This is the first year that AISZ students have exhibited their work at the MSU (Muzej Suvremene Umjetnosti / Museum of Contemporary Art), an event that we are proud to say will become a yearly tradition. The exhibition was opened on April 7th, and the work has remained on display through the month of April.