PTA Elections

Thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations process for the 2019-2020 PTA Executive Team and for the parent representative vacancies on the School Board.

We had four parents who put themselves forward for the executive team and three who put themselves forward for the school board. We then sought more volunteers for the executive team and we are really happy now that we have a full house for the executive team for the next academic year! Their names and positions are set out below.

Three parents: Ellen Fihlman, Seamus Hempenstall and Angela Taylor put themselves forward for the two vacancies on the school board. The school facilitated the election. It was a close run election but in the end, Ellen and Seamus were elected.

Our thanks go to Tanja Papo-Kusic and Diana Weiser who were the previous incumbents as parent representatives. As the chair of the Board said, “the Board is made up of volunteers who give their time, energy and talents to provide steady governance and strategic vision for AISZ in order to make it the best school possible for the children. These Board members made major contributions to the school and will be greatly missed on the Board”.

Ellen and Seamus will begin their two-year terms immediately.

And now…introducing your 2019-2020 PTA Executive Team!

 President Marije Dijkstra
 Deputy President Rebecca Brady
 Finance Officer John Richards
 Secretary  Nika Cizel (currently US Representative on the 2018-2019 Executive Team)
 Communications Officer  Dineke De Ruijter
 Room Parent Co-Ordinator  Lenka Kasickova
 BearWare  Tamara Bryce (continuing from the 2018-2019 Executive Team
 Teacher Representatives  Jenny Lathrop and Jesse Douma


The school director attends Executive Team meeting and we’ll announce a student representative at the start of the next academic year.

Our thanks to our outgoing 2018 Executive Team for all their hard work and our best wishes to the new team! Have fun guys! And as always, questions, comments or feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to anyone on the Team!

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