The Comforting Truth About High School Life at AISZ

When you walk up the stairs into the top floor, you will immediately see fellow students cracking humorous jokes with their friends before class, students and teachers enjoying endearing conversations, or people working together attentively on a class project.

So what’s so unique about AISZ high school life? Because of the small number of students in grade 9-12, we create a lively, friendly environment that anyone can feel welcomed into. Not only the bonds between students are established, but also with teachers as well.

The social life in AISZ flourishes between all nationalities, genders, and races; we prioritize respect, encouragement, enthusiasm, and fun. Not to mention that students in our high school are motivated to do their best in school works.

As a school part of the International Baccalaureate program, students in grade 9 and 10 are busy preparing themselves to enter the world of IB and follow their fellow grade 11 and 12 students who work diligently to achieve their goals in IB.

Just like any IB high school, we do face many challenges and difficult tasks that we must responsibly overcome. Entering IB means taking on a new responsibility where you carefully manage your daunting school work, study hard for tests and exams, and maintain comfortable relationships with your teachers.

You will have weak moments during the AISZ school year where tasks become overwhelming and you need a long weekend of sleep, but having a work schedule, a good breakfast, loads of sleep, and some close friends will help you flourish as a student.

Balance is a key factor at not only AISZ but at any high school. Balancing your family time, friends, school work, and yourself  is a skill that begins to develop in high school which continues to develop as we get older. It is equally important to understand that high school is full of mistakes, hardships and difficult tasks that are somewhat inevitable.

However, AISZ is filled with those who can motivate, relieve stress and guide you through tough times.

By High School Student Council

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