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An AISZ education is based on globally refined curriculum standards that, year on year, lead to and prepare students for International Baccalaureate Diploma courses in grades 11 and 12. The content we select is structured around ideas and issues that have relevance to all cultures.
At every grade level, and in all subjects, teachers develop units that explore a topic or an aspect of a subject, starting with the subject standards that students must reach. With this structure, our students learn the important and essential skills, concepts and content within a framework that is flexible enough for an international school.

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Early Learning Program

At AISZ, there is a full-day Early Learning program for children, beginning at the age of three years old.   Our Early Learning-Kindergarten program capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and their desire to make sense of their environment.

Most children are naturally curious about their surroundings.  They have an interest in exploring and investigating to see how things work and why things happen.  Children have an innate sense of wonder and a natural desire for inquiry.

The guidance of our thoughtful Early Learning Team is essential to enable children to learn through inquiry.  They Early Learning Team at AISZ has been trained and inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach.  They use inquiry-based learning to build on children’s spontaneous desire in play for exploration and to gradually guide them to become more focused and systematic in their observations and investigations.

As children move naturally from noticing and wondering about the objects and events around them to exploring, observing, and questioning in a more focused way, the E.L. team helps them develop and extend their inquiry process.  Team members provide children with opportunities to observe, investigate, discover and gather information, and then to compare, sort, classify and interpret their findings.  They provide a rich variety of materials and resources and interact with children to clarify, expand or help articulate the children’s thinking. They then encourage children to share their findings with one another through oral, visual or written representations.

We believe that through the provision of a happy, safe and engaging environment, children become active learners while developing independence and self-esteem. At AISZ, emphasis is placed on the development of a strong self-image in an environment where students can feel confident, relaxed and secure.

We strongly recognize parents as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. We work hard to develop an open, positive and trusting relationship with parents.

Grades 2-5

In Grades 2 -5 in the Lower School, our students are engaged in learning that inspires them to want to investigate further, to understand more fully, to apply learning and to become enthusiastic and active participants in learning in all its forms.

Our students come together from a diversity of cultures, nationalities, experiences, understandings, linguistic backgrounds and identities. We aim to use a global perspective as our context for learning, engaging our students in reflection on their role and responsibility as participants within this diverse environment both within and outside of school.

Schedules are organized to accommodate blocks of time for classroom instruction, special classes and outdoor play. Children attend specialist classes in art, music, world language, library, and physical education. Technology is integrated in all areas of the curriculum. The specialist classes complement academic areas and combine to support the development of the whole child.

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