Our goal at AISZ, is to develop mathematical thinkers who can make sense of and interact responsibly with their world.  Mathematical structures, operations, processes and language provide students with a framework and tools for reasoning, justifying conclusion, and expressing ideas clearly.  At AISZ students develop critical, creative, logical, and computational thinking through.

  • engaging and relevant tasks
  • inquiry through mathematics and into mathematics
  • personal mathematical investigations
  • a variety of mathematical tools and strategies

Learners are assessed as to how well they:

  1. Understand and use mathematical concepts
  2. Conduct mathematical inquiry
  3. Communicate mathematical ideas accurately and clearly

In LS mathematics classrooms, you’ll see learners:

  • Work in a variety of groupings – as a whole class, individually, pairs and in small groups
  • Develop their own strategies and use different strategies to check for accuracy
  • Consider their own mathematical reasoning and the reasoning of others
  • Use cubes, blocks, measuring tools, clocks, timers, dice, scissors, 2 & 3D geometric figures, games, models, and a variety of other manipulatives as tools to learn mathematics

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American International School of Zagreb (AISZ)

  • Address: Damira Tomljanovića-Gavrana 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Tel: +385 (1) 7999-300
  • Fax.: +385 (1) 4680-171
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