The goal of the Language Arts program is to develop literacy through a balanced, student-centered approach, which focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing language foundations. Literacy skills are embedded across the curriculum.

The program allows students to:

  • Engage thoughtfully with a wide variety of literary and informational media forms, from many periods in many genres;
  • Use language in authentic contexts for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • Use a variety of literacy skills and strategies to make meaning, ask questions, and express ideas;
  • Use Literacy in different contexts to make connections, enlarge experience, and broaden worldviews.

The Language Arts curriculum focuses on the following standards:

Apply listening and speaking skills & strategies to communicate effectively:

  • Listen actively in a variety of contexts;
  • Speak effectively for a variety of purposes;
  • Critically view a variety of images and media forms (gather, analyze, evaluate);
  • Present ideas and understandings appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

Apply reading skills and strategies to comprehend a variety of texts:

  • Apply concepts of words and print;
  • Apply strategies to derive meaning from words and develop vocabulary;
  • Use skills and strategies before, during and after reading to construct meaning; 
  • Demonstrate effective reading behaviors.

Use writing skills and strategies for different purposes and audience:.

  • Use a writing process  (plan, draft, revise, edit, publish);
  • Apply appropriate writing conventions;
  • Apply appropriate strategies to write in a variety of forms;
  • Demonstrate effective writing behaviors.

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