Home Learning

We believe:

  • Children need active play every day.
  • Children should read for pleasure and/or be read to every day.
  • Children should follow their passions and have choice in what they want to learn after 3:00 p.m.
  • Family time is important.

What does the research on home learning support?

  • Reading has the single greatest impact on student achievement.
  • Unstructured, imaginative, child-centred play and physical activity enhances student performance and leads to better behavioral choices.
  • The brain develops throughout childhood with active play and exercise.
  • Students often sacrifice time for authentic reading in order to complete their homework.
  • Traditional homework can foster misconceptions that are difficult to reteach and relearn.

To this end, home learning in the Lower School at AISZ:

  • Includes inquiry, exploration and practice.
  • Extends learning from school to home in meaningful ways.
  • Promotes the desire to continue learning.
  • Allows time for children to develop a variety of talents and interests outside the school day.
  • Supports good reading habits.

What can home learning look like?

  • Interviewing family members about topics being investigated.
  • Collecting objects or artifacts to support learning in the classroom.
  • Discussing inquiry questions at the dinner table.
  • Reflecting on what they have learned at school.
  • Exploring and researching their own interests.
  • Playing games and cards that involve logic, strategy, word play and math.
  • Exploring Mathematical thinking through real-life experiences.
  • Reading, reading, reading……

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