AISZ is accredited until May 2021 by the Middle States Association.

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AISZ has been accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary Schools (MSA CES) since October 1986. From that point until December 2003 the Designing Our Future protocol was used. Once AISZ added a high school, accreditation was granted for all grades by the Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (CESS) in 2005 using the Accreditation for Growth protocol. Our most recent re-accreditation self-study followed the Excellence by Design protocol. We await our official notice of re-accreditation to be delivered in the spring of 2014 and lasting through 2021. That is a good history of almost 30 years of MSA accreditation!

After a rigorous self-assessment completed by AISZ in November 2013, our school hosted a Validation Team of six educators from other schools in the region. These dedicated and experienced professionals interviewed administration, faculty and staff, parents and students to validate the submitted self-study document. The Chairperson shared an initial oral report with the school community stating that we do indeed meet the 12 Middle States Standards.

Enjoy the below quoted commendations from the Validation Team:

  • We have been impressed with the warm and nurturing feeling we feel on campus and commend you for the positive relationships that exist between all stakeholder groups of the community
    • students who are mature, responsible, articulate, caring and who embody the AISZ Beliefs;
    • teachers who are proud of their school and are willing to put in extra time to improve, with the interests and needs of their students holding the center of their attention;
    • administrators who have taken the time to understand the essence of your school and are committed to the school's Mission;
    • support staff who enrich the school community by providing a high level of excellence and quality to support the school's programs;
    • parents who love the community feel of their school and are supportive;
    • a school board dedicated to supporting a warm and welcoming place that can become the premier school in Croatia.
  • We commend your school for the passion for education shared by teachers and staff at AISZ with a shared desire to do what's best for kids.
  • Teachers and staff alike shared with us their unending desire to grow, to learn, and to do more for each and every individual child here at AISZ.
  • We commend the operational dimension of AISZ - the Business Office, Marketing and Development, Human Resources, the IT Department, Facilities and Procurement, the custodians, transportation and the cafeteria. Over and over again we heard from these people that their primary focus when making decisions is always centered on doing what's best for kids.
  • The Visiting Team commends the school and the board for developing an appropriately aggressive plan for facilities enhancement to more fully realize the school's Mission.
  • AISZ is to be commended for its efforts in maximizing their current facility. While working tirelessly to explore options for building a purpose-built facility..., the school has simultaneously continued to renovate and beautify their current building making the school as comfortable as possible.
  • The [Early Childhood Education] Visitor commends the early childhood teachers for developing a clear vision of the ECE program, creating attractive and engaging learning environments for their students, creating a nurturing and child-centered ethos in their classrooms, and forging strong positive relationships with parents."

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