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16th Annual Spring Dance & Silent Auction

The AISZ PTA held our 16th Annual Spring Dance & Silent Auction this past Saturday, March 25th. Joined by over 140 guests, we had a wonderful evening of socializing, bidding, talking, eating, toasting, and dancing and are pleased to announce that we achieved our twin goals of building community spirit and raising funds for local and international charities, student service learning, and PTA activities. While we wait to announce the final tally as we finish collecting the winning bids and auction off a few more donations, we just want to let people know how appreciative we are for all the work that went in on the part of the volunteers and all of the enthusiasm and generosity on the part of the attendees.

We would also like to again thank all of our Premium Sponsors & Sponsors, including Tamara and Richard Bryce and Yan Qin Li. We are grateful to the continued support of all of our donors and sponsors who make the Annual Spring Dance such an enjoyable experience! Without your support our event would not be possible.

Springdance sponsors

Arts Week - Student Feedback

Arts Week - Student Feedback:

I'd like to share the feedback students gave us as a result of arts week.
We decided to take a risk when we designed this because we really didn't know how the students would engage or respond to a whole week dedicated to the Arts.

Our goal was to host a student centred Arts Festival reaching out to the artistic talents of Zagreb and connect our students with and local and international artists who could facilitate an entire week of maximum participation in the creative elements of the arts.

The attached student evaluations are enlightening. We are so pleased the students learned so much, had new experiences and enjoyed being immersed in the arts. As one student says, "....they are just as important as English, Math and Science".

Thank you to our fabulous Arts Week Committee of teachers who took the risk and made this dream possible.

Paul Buckley

Dream Summit

Dear AISZ Community; Students, Parents and Staff

The first AISZ Community Dream Summit was held on over last weekend. Using Appreciative Inquiry as a protocol, a broad cross-section of students, parents, teachers and academic leadership discovered what gives AISZ its life force when it is working at its best; we dreamed of an "American International School of Zagreb of the Future" using not just out of the box thinking, but thinking without any boxes at all! The question for us was, If we freed ourselves and our minds, what could we perceive our school to be?

We then used these ideas to shape preliminary visions statements inspired us and what landmark headlines could be written about us 10 years from now if we truly lived our dreams and made them real.

These artifacts are displayed in the stairway of our school representing the core or "central nervous system" of our school because nearly everyone passes by these at some during the day.

All adults at the summit articulated in some way or other, their admiration of our student representatives, regardless of the grade they were in. These young ambassadors for our school spoke with passion and clarity of mind; dedication for a broader purpose to help others and pursue high standards, wellness and a balance to life.

When the students spoke, everyone listened.

Over the next few days, more information will be posted around our school, on our website and we will have follow up task-forces focused upon distilling these ideas into a working strategic plan.

Please stay tuned for updates and visit our website to follow our progress.

A huge debt of gratitude is extended Dr Fran Prolman for facilitating our learning and to the following summit participants who freely gave most of their weekend to help the development of our school.
I cannot thank you enough.

In appreciation

Paul Buckley


On Thursday, March 9th, we had 6 teams from Grades 3-5 competing in our annual Battle of the Books competition.The students have worked hard in order to be ready for the competition; each team of students read the 10 books from the given list, as well as composed and submitted questions to Mrs. Grubac for the competition.

The teams were:
1. The Book Lovers (Lara Pichler, Luka Nisandzic, Anja Sprljan Marija, Jack Rowe)
2. The Reading Strawberries (Bundy Milusheva, Eunchae Lee, Mia Schwoebel, Vedha Nagpal)
3. The Four Bookateers (Roman Rousek, Bruno Lovric, Oliver Jonathan Horvath, Elias Haber )
4. Red Falcons (Ivan Mezhibovskiy, Andrea Zanetto, Nadija Mezhibovskaya, Hayun Che)
5. The Cotton Candy’s (Luna Maravic, Holly Armstrong, Ema Sprljan, Nelly Tewes)
6. Reading Monsters (Marko Boc, Rihaal Zaidi, Tomas Carderas, Siena Gancev)

*Names in bold are team captains.

Each team played in the double elimination style tournament and Red Falcons and Book Lovers played in the finals. Congratulations to all of our participants and to our winning team - Red Falcons (Ivan Mezhibovskiy, Andrea Zanetto, Nadija Mezhibovskaya, Hayun Che).

Catering - Request for Proposal

The American International School of Zagreb (AISZ) is seeking proposal for food service management, including the preparation and service of lunches and such other items of food and beverage as shall be required by AISZ for the students, teachers, support staff and other community members.

4th Annual Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee
The 4th Annual Spelling Bee Competition began in the classrooms during the week of December 7th. The top 3 finalists in each grade level competed in the finals on Thursday January 19th. Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this event and congratulations to this year’s winners.

Parent-Teacher Conference

Dear Parents

AISZ will hold their Parent-Teacher Conferences on Monday November 21 16:30 - 19:30 and Tuesday November 22 13:00 - 17:00.

MS Unity Camp - Lika Region 14-16 September

This had to be one of the best ever MS unity trips!. It featured hikes along the river Lika, sleeping outdoors, campfires and even a fun-filled mudbath!

We started on Wednesday, September 14 arriving at camp around 11am. The three teams, divided by grade, were introduced to their team leaders and there followed a succession of team building activities, including supported rope walking and fire making.This was cut short by heavy rain, but were our intrepid adventurers put off by this - not a bit of it!. Without a care in the world (and no thought to the washing challenges when they would get home) grade 8 dived into the mud.

Their team leaders had never witnessed such enthusiasm for getting muddy! After showering (first outside then a hot one inside), it was time for campfires before bed (the rain had stopped by this time).

Next day all three groups enjoyed wonderful scenery as we followed three different all day hikes around the river. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and bovine friends for company. The day again ended with the traditional games and campfire.

Before we knew where the time had gone, we had a short morning session on Friday before heading out to a museum centred on Tesla's birthplace. A pizza lunch and headed for home the MS left with smiles, happy memories and great stories, not forgetting lots of muddy clothing.

MS Unity Trip 2016 - Gallery, Click on Image below

IMG 9383

Extended Essays

On Saturday September 3, 2016 the AISZ Grade 12 IB DP students spent the morning and early afternoon at AISZ working on their Extended Essays. Classrooms as well as computer labs were available for focused research, writing, revision, formatting, and documentation. Computers were linked to the London Library and relevant databases for research.

Several teachers offered individual support to students as well as small group tutorials on proper formatting, writing an abstract, revising etc. The school counselor Mr. Tingley was also available and met with several students to review career plans and college/university applications. The toughest part of the day was getting the students to stop working and to go home at 2 pm. The Saturday Extended Essay sessions will meet one or two more times before the final Extended Essay deadline on October 21, 2016.

The next session is planned for September 17, 2016.

New Family Welcome

Thank you for your attendance and participation at this morning's at New Family Welcome. I hope you learned enough about our school and the educational beliefs which inspire me and I hope the school.

I received a number of requests for the the presentation so please find it here along with some photographs of our morning together. 

Thank you

Paul Buckley, Director

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