New AISZ Learning Ecosystem

Over the few weeks, since the start of school, I have really enjoyed talking with groups of people about the new AISZ Learning Ecosystem which describes the interconnectedness of learning for all at AISZ.

Our new vision of learning came directly from the Community Summit and will form the basis for the Board's Strategic Plan. I have shared the vision and passion for our new ecosystem with our students, our teachers and parents at both back to school nights. The presentation from the Lower School Back to School Night was filmed and as soon as the production is complete I will post it on the website.

We call our model an ecosystem, rather than a curriculum model or syllabus, because all parts are interrelated and interdependent, are living and growing and require nurturing to survive and sustain positive long lasting change. So far it has been met favorably with positive comments coming form all stakeholder groups.

During the presentations I cited a number of references that made contribute to our research base. These are:

The references are:


  • Most Likely to Succeed - Tony Wagner
  • What's the Point of School - Guy Claxton
  • Future Wise - David Perkins


Millennials in the Workplace Simon Senick

Conceptual Understanding
David Perkins on the CGC
David Perkins & Disciplines. "Understanding of wide scope";
What's Worth Learning?

Tony Wagner Core skills for Innovation
Tony spoke at the Fairfax County Public Schools Leadership Conference in August 2016. It can be viewed here. His talks begins at 2.32. His advice to education leaders begins at minute 24.

Building Learning Power - Guy Claxton

As soon as we have our Ecosystem models produced we will distribute them amongst our students.

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