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Welcome To Our New School Year

After a rejuvenating summer the staff and faculty of AISZ are excitedly waiting for our students to arrive on Monday 21st. On Friday we welcomed our new families and had our chance to share the work we do at the school. We had a number of our returning students also helping the new students to settle in which was very much appreciated.

Over the summer period we selected a construction company who will commence the building of our new campus in the next couple of weeks, and if all goes to plan this time next year we will be welcoming you all to our new school campus.

We have a number of new courses on offer through out our school this year. In the Lower School, from grades 3-5 we will be introducing computer coding and Croatian language for non Croatian speakers. Both these new learning experiences will be of huge benefit to our students. In the Upper School we have added Design in the form of Electrical and Material (woodwork). Our Design Lab is on the bottom floor near the Cafeteria. I am positive that this will be of immense interest to all our students.

The new teachers joining our school are listed below and their profiles can be found on the Staff Profile page of the website.

Valentina Kranjec Art / Croatian Lang LS/US
Jenny Lapthrop Grade 2 LS
Alexandra Mentele Grade 3 LS
Jesse Doumas Grade 5 LS
Petra Horvath Music LS/PT
Dara Ramey Art US
Sarah Hawkins Biology / Science US
Chadley Despault English US
Dino Bajagilovic Mathematics US
Silvana Rosas PE US

Invitation to bidders to apply for construction of our new school building

The American International School of Zagreb plans to build a new school within the Središće area opposite Bundek Lake in City of Zagreb. The new school building will accommodate 480 students in around 8667m2 and will have related sports fields and structures. The architectural design of the new school has been customized to the modern American education system where the teaching method only occasionally involves the traditional classroom with the students facing the teacher but rather children mainly learning in groups or individually in classes or multi-purpose open areas.

We now call for bidders for construction of our new school building. If you are interested in offering us construction please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will send you detail documentation about our tender. Call for bidders is open till 5.7.2017. 12:00h.

Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony - 2017

The Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony was a resounding success on June 7. Students and parents, teachers joined a meal at the chic Rocket Burger. Students were able to receive gifts and a photobooth! Afterwards, the group went to the Kaptol Boutique Cinema to enjoy a private screening of the Grade 8 Video and "Wonder Woman." The event was a night to remember. Congratulations to our Grade 8 class for Moving Up to High School!

Thank you to the Grade 8 parents and Nina Leko, who did an amazing job organizing and coordinating the event!

Thank you to the PTA for your partnership in giving our students a remarkable and unforgettable celebration!



Graduation Class 2017

AISZ Graduation at the Westin, Zagreb.

AISZ celebrated its largest graduating class at the Westin hotel, Zagreb on Saturday, May 20. 2017. 33 students received their graduation diploma at the ceremony with the Ambassador's Award going to Jana Sopf.

Following the reception students, family, friends and AISZ staff enjoyed refreshments at a reception held at the hotel.

MSA Accreditation Report

Dear AISZ Community,

I am absolutely delighted to inform you that we received notification of our accreditation status last night. We have undertaken a mid-term self study since January. Like an audit, these accreditation processes examine, validate and offer suggestions for improvements which allow our school to improve. Many of our community have been involved in accreditation committees during this time and I thank you for your efforts and contributions to this process.

We received the news that our mid-term monitoring report was accepted and we are now accredited to 2021 with no further visit required until then. Specific reference was made to our Community Dream Summit and the work we have implemented since then.

As we build towards our next strategic plan, I would like you all to take pause, reflect upon our work together, and celebrate. We will fortify ourselves for the next steps on this continuing journey of school improvement as we build our next strategic plan, but right now please reflect on our work and feel proud.

Thank you so much to Ms. Danijela Peric for her significant leadership role through the self study and for Dr. Lavina's support work during the process.

The result is a credit to our whole community.

With sincere thanks 

Paul Buckley

News From The Library - May 2017



As the school year draws to a close, please be aware that Friday, May 26, will be the last day for checking  books out and that all library books need to be returned by Friday, June 2nd. Summer check out will start on Monday, June 5th. Please read below for details.




Studies show that children and teens who read during the summer are better prepared for school in the fall. Also, reading for fun results in significant gains in vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.


The library is again offering returning AISZ students the opportunity to borrow library books over the summer holiday starting June 5th. Please take care of books and remember to return them on the first day of school.

Elementary students will need parental permission (Summer Reading Form). Middle School and High School students are welcome to check out summer books without parental permission. In addition, go to our  library website to view web pages full of ideas for good books as well as book-related activities. With individual logins, student can also read all our ebooks through Destiny Discover via our Destiny Quest/Library catalog.  Click here for more details and about the Follett Quest app you can download to read ebooks and search our catalog.


The library is also organizing a summer reading program called Summer Reading Fun. The purpose of this activity is to encourage recreational reading over the summer. Students will keep a reading log ( AISZ Summer Reading Fun Log) in which they will write down the titles of the books they’ve read. Students that read fifteen or more books during summer will be invited to an ice-cream party in September! This is open to all students. Young students can do this activity with their parents. Books do not have to be in English.


We always want to hear about your reading adventures so we ask you to send postcards to the library all summer long. Send a postcard to the library from where you are, with info about what you have been reading.  And when school starts, all the postcards will be displayed in the library with cool summer readings.

 Address it to:          

The American Int'l School of Zagreb

Mrs. Grubac - Library

Vocarska 106

10000 Zagreb


Have a safe and relaxing summer, and do encourage your children to read!

Ana Grubac

Pre K- Grade 12 Librarian

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

16th Annual Spring Dance & Silent Auction

The AISZ PTA held our 16th Annual Spring Dance & Silent Auction this past Saturday, March 25th. Joined by over 140 guests, we had a wonderful evening of socializing, bidding, talking, eating, toasting, and dancing and are pleased to announce that we achieved our twin goals of building community spirit and raising funds for local and international charities, student service learning, and PTA activities. While we wait to announce the final tally as we finish collecting the winning bids and auction off a few more donations, we just want to let people know how appreciative we are for all the work that went in on the part of the volunteers and all of the enthusiasm and generosity on the part of the attendees.

We would also like to again thank all of our Premium Sponsors & Sponsors, including Tamara and Richard Bryce and Yan Qin Li. We are grateful to the continued support of all of our donors and sponsors who make the Annual Spring Dance such an enjoyable experience! Without your support our event would not be possible.

Springdance sponsors

Arts Week - Student Feedback

Arts Week - Student Feedback:

I'd like to share the feedback students gave us as a result of arts week.
We decided to take a risk when we designed this because we really didn't know how the students would engage or respond to a whole week dedicated to the Arts.

Our goal was to host a student centred Arts Festival reaching out to the artistic talents of Zagreb and connect our students with and local and international artists who could facilitate an entire week of maximum participation in the creative elements of the arts.

The attached student evaluations are enlightening. We are so pleased the students learned so much, had new experiences and enjoyed being immersed in the arts. As one student says, "....they are just as important as English, Math and Science".

Thank you to our fabulous Arts Week Committee of teachers who took the risk and made this dream possible.

Paul Buckley

Dream Summit

Dear AISZ Community; Students, Parents and Staff

The first AISZ Community Dream Summit was held on over last weekend. Using Appreciative Inquiry as a protocol, a broad cross-section of students, parents, teachers and academic leadership discovered what gives AISZ its life force when it is working at its best; we dreamed of an "American International School of Zagreb of the Future" using not just out of the box thinking, but thinking without any boxes at all! The question for us was, If we freed ourselves and our minds, what could we perceive our school to be?

We then used these ideas to shape preliminary visions statements inspired us and what landmark headlines could be written about us 10 years from now if we truly lived our dreams and made them real.

These artifacts are displayed in the stairway of our school representing the core or "central nervous system" of our school because nearly everyone passes by these at some during the day.

All adults at the summit articulated in some way or other, their admiration of our student representatives, regardless of the grade they were in. These young ambassadors for our school spoke with passion and clarity of mind; dedication for a broader purpose to help others and pursue high standards, wellness and a balance to life.

When the students spoke, everyone listened.

Over the next few days, more information will be posted around our school, on our website and we will have follow up task-forces focused upon distilling these ideas into a working strategic plan.

Please stay tuned for updates and visit our website to follow our progress.

A huge debt of gratitude is extended Dr Fran Prolman for facilitating our learning and to the following summit participants who freely gave most of their weekend to help the development of our school.
I cannot thank you enough.

In appreciation

Paul Buckley


On Thursday, March 9th, we had 6 teams from Grades 3-5 competing in our annual Battle of the Books competition.The students have worked hard in order to be ready for the competition; each team of students read the 10 books from the given list, as well as composed and submitted questions to Mrs. Grubac for the competition.

The teams were:
1. The Book Lovers (Lara Pichler, Luka Nisandzic, Anja Sprljan Marija, Jack Rowe)
2. The Reading Strawberries (Bundy Milusheva, Eunchae Lee, Mia Schwoebel, Vedha Nagpal)
3. The Four Bookateers (Roman Rousek, Bruno Lovric, Oliver Jonathan Horvath, Elias Haber )
4. Red Falcons (Ivan Mezhibovskiy, Andrea Zanetto, Nadija Mezhibovskaya, Hayun Che)
5. The Cotton Candy’s (Luna Maravic, Holly Armstrong, Ema Sprljan, Nelly Tewes)
6. Reading Monsters (Marko Boc, Rihaal Zaidi, Tomas Carderas, Siena Gancev)

*Names in bold are team captains.

Each team played in the double elimination style tournament and Red Falcons and Book Lovers played in the finals. Congratulations to all of our participants and to our winning team - Red Falcons (Ivan Mezhibovskiy, Andrea Zanetto, Nadija Mezhibovskaya, Hayun Che).

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