Middle School

The Middle School (Grades 6-8) experience at AISZ is a time for increased independence, guided inquiries, interdisciplinary project-based learning and exploration of interests.

Students in the Middle School experience a broad and balanced suite of subjects. An essential part of every subject is the focus on approaches to learning, which are skills relevant to academic, emotional, social and overall success of students in school and life. Skills are taught as part of the subject areas. As students go through the middle school experience, they are able to apply skills in each subject area and across subject areas.

Students learn through guided inquiries. Units of learning focus on gaining conceptual understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Assessment is used for learning and improving what students know, understand and can do. As much as possible, opportunities to make connections between subjects are encouraged, giving students real-world experiences in problem-solving. Students problem-solve in projects they complete individually or in small groups in many subject areas.

In the middle school, students are given three choices each year in Arts and Design. Students spend a trimester exploring a choice from each of the arts or design courses.

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